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= Mail services at MPE = = Mail Services at MPE =
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== TPL Interface, common Informations, Phonebook == == Mail Setup, Common Information, Phonebook ==
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Work with these menu items The Web interface at https://mail.mpe.mpg.de/tpl allows you to:
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 * Change Forward
 * Change
 * Change
 * Edit Filter
* Edit Message
 * Edit p
ersonal data
 * Change Forward, Password, Vacation Msg
 * Edit Filter, Personal data
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== Using Webmail == == Webmail ==
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[[https://webmail.mpe.mpg.de|WebMail]] https://webmail.mpe.mpg.de
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Mpe Mailer supports 2 different mailing list facilities: MPE Mailer supports 2 different mailing list facilities:

Mail Services at MPE

Mail Setup, Common Information, Phonebook

The Web interface at https://mail.mpe.mpg.de/tpl allows you to:

  • Change Forward, Password, Vacation Msg
  • Edit Filter, Personal data
  • IT-Personal
  • List Mailing Lists
  • Maillist App to
  • pers. Addr add
  • pers. Addrbook
  • pers. Addr delete
  • pers Addr search
  • Phone List



Email Clients

Sending mail:

  • on campus or from outside, encrypted and user/password protected via ssmtp.mpe.mpg.de port 465 using TLS

  • on campus, encrypted via smtp.mpe.mpg.de port 25 using TLS

  • outside campus if outgoing port 25 and 465 are blocked by firewall use ssh tunnel. A detailed description can be found in MailSendSshTunnel

Receiving mail:

  • secure IMAP at imaps.mpe.mpg.de

  • secure POP3 at pop3s.mpe.mpg.de

Configuring E-Mail Clients

Configuring Users Data

UsersConfig (vacation, spam filter ...)

Configuring Email Filters

Locating and cleaning up Spam folders

If you get any message containing 'xxx mails found in Spam-/Trash-folders for yyy - please clean up' in the subject then proceed as follows:

  • if you use a imap client as MS Outlook, Thunderbird etc. then locate the Spam/ Trash Folder in the mailer directory tree and delete the containing emails after inspection. In case of no doubt that all emails are spam don't worry to delete the complete folder. The folder is created automatically if needed.
  • if you use a pop client downloading every email to you local host then you don't have access to the spam-folder first of all. In this case you should use the webmail interface to the MPE mailer via https://webmail.mpe.mpg.de. If you can't find the spam-folder in the directory tree then subscribe for this folder in the squirrelmail's folder menu. As stated above you can also delete the complete folder with the folder menu.

Mailing Lists

MPE Mailer supports 2 different mailing list facilities:

  • a facility based on database queries which is able to combine all possible attributes of the users database. A listing of these mailing lists including the included members is available with https://mail.mpe.mpg.de/tpl/?tpl=listlists. Generating and maintaining of these mailing lists can only be done by MPE mailing admins.

  • MailMan


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