Configure Mutt for MPE's Mail Services

Sending Mail

Mutt uses by default your system mail configuration. But this may not work from outside the campus.

Alternatively you can configure mutt to deliver the e-mails itself. Edit ~/.muttrc and add:

set smtp_url="smtp://<MYUSERNAME>"
set smtp_pass="<DANGER:_dont_forget_to:_chown_600_~/.muttrc>"

Reading Mails on IMAP Server

Edit ~/.muttrc and add:

set imap_user=<MYUSERNAME>

# Automatically log in to this mailbox at startup
set spoolfile="imaps://"

# Define the = shortcut, and the entry point for the folder browser
set folder="imaps://"

set record="=Sent"
set postponed="=Drafts"

# 'No' avoids "Move read messages to ~/mbox ([n]/y):"
set move=no


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