Kmail and Kontact Configuration

To configure kmail and kontact to use the MPE mail system, goto 'Settings -> Configure Kmail ...' select tab 'Accounts'.


Accessing Mail on MPE's IMAP Server

  1. Tab Receiving: button 'Add ...': select IMAP (don't use disconnected IMAP!)

    • 2.Tab: General
      • Name: MPE secure IMAP
      • Login: <your-username>

      • Password: <your-mail-password>

      • Host:
      • Port: 143
    • Goto Tab 'Security' and press 'Check what server supports'. Accept the default (Use TLS..., plain text)
  2. Press [Okay] to close the dialog

Sending Mail

To send mail from hosts that are always inside your campus, e.g, your desktop PC:

  1. Tab Sending Desktop:

    1. Tab: General
      • Name: MPE SMTP
      • Host:
    2. Select [Okay] to close the dialog

If you want to send mail while outside the MPE, e.g., laptops or your home PC:

  1. Tab Sending Desktop:

    1. Select tab: General
      • Name: MPE secure SMTP
      • Host:
      • Port: 465
      • select 'Server requires authentification'
        • User: <your-username>

        • Password: <your-imap-password>

    2. Select tab: Security
      • click 'Check what server supports' (-> TLS)

  2. Press [Okay] to close the dialog

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