Configure User specific Filters for MPE's Mail Services

Each user has the opportunity to preprocess his incoming mail stream by a filter. Usual applications are:

Calling the Filter Editor

Login to MPE mail user interface and choose menu 'Edit Filter'

the standard filter as a example

The standard filter contents is copied automatically to a new user's environment. Take this contents as a template to construct your personal filter. Feel free to comment or uncomment the following lines in order to enable/disable functionalities.

#Exim filter
#if $header_from: contains "myimportantfromaddress" then
#save /home/virtual_mail/$local_part/

#if $h_x-spam-level: begins "********" then
#seen finish

if $h_x-spam-level: begins "****" then
save /home/virtual_mail/$local_part/.Spam/

#if $h_from: contains "" then
#seen finish

Please note that the first line has to begin with a '#Exim filter' line. The filter is executed sequential from up to down.



further information for writing filters can be found in the exim filter specs

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