We have created a password protected, internal site on this wiki in order to be able to quickly share data in a non-public way. You can get access to the protected area by agreeing to the policy outlined below. To request access copy and paste the agreement text below into an email to Stefan Gillessen, and state in addition explicitly that you will respect the set of rules laid out. Once you have been granted access, you can read and edit the page as usual for a wiki. The list of people having access is here.

Agreement for the protected page of the Gas-Cloud-Wiki

1. I understand that data and information given on the protected page of the Gas-Cloud-Wiki is subject to rigorous restrictions. PIs who have put data here did this with the aim of timely informing their colleagues before publication. The PIs have decided to trust the users here, and the users should acknowledge this by respecting the policies.

2. I will not use any information or data from the protected page of the Gas-Cloud-Wiki in any sort of publication without agreement of the PI of the respective data set. This concerns refereed and unrefereed publications, conference talks and proceedings, colloquia, any other public presentation of the data and press releases.

3. The idea behind sharing data is mainly to optimize observation strategies and schedules, or to inspire new observations. If I wish to use data from the protected page of the Gas-Cloud-Wiki for observing proposals, I will find an agreement with the respective PI first.

4. The PIs might use data presented here for publications in high impact journals, which have their own restrictions. I confirm that I will not interfere with these regulations.

5. I will not give access to the protected page of the Gas-Cloud-Wiki to any other individuals. This includes postdocs and students, who thus will need to agree separately.

6. Access to the protected page of the Gas-Cloud-Wiki can be blocked. The access rights are moderated by Stefan Gillessen.

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