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=== Communnication and Collaboration === === Collaboration and Communication ===
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 * '''[[MeetingsErosita|Meetings]]'''
  * [[ErositaTelecons|Regular Telecons]]
 * '''[[NewComers|For Newcomers ]]'''

 * '''[[PersonnelList|Consortium Structure and key Personnel]]'''
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 * '''[[PersonnelList|Personnel]]''': List of key eROSITA_DE personnel and leadership.
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  * [[eROSITA_SDSS| What to do when proprietary SDSS are involved in our research]]
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 * '''[[MailingLists|List of all Mailing lists]]'''  * '''[[MailingLists|List of Mailing lists]]'''

 * '''[[MeetingsErosita|Meetings]]'''
 * '''[[ErositaTelecons|Regular Telecons]]'''
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 * '''[[DocumentsErosita|Documents]]'''  * '''[[DocumentsErosita|Documents, Talks]]'''
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 * '''[[EroMlstats|eroMLSTATS]]'''



Collaboration and Communication

Common Projects

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