SPARK Known bugs

Here you find a list of all bugs which haven't been fixed in the most actual version of the KMOS pipeline.
Check as well the Change Log to see which bugs have already been fixed, but not released yet.




On MacOS:

Some users reported following warning in kmo_wave_cal even when the resulting XCAL, YCAL, LCAL have the same number of rotator angles with matching values:

One value is very large and the other very, very close to zero.
Unfortunately this effect isn't reproducible and hence not really debugable and has to stay open for the moment. The calibrations don't seem to be corrupted and can be used anyway. To be more precise: This warning is emitted after having calculated the LCAL frame and during following reconstruction of the ARC_ON frame in order to create the reconstructed detector image, which in turn is used to collect some QC parameters.




MacOSX-Users with a working installation of the SPRED pipeline for SINFONI can experience difficulties using it after having installed SPARK. This happens only if they install packages needed for the SPARKplug tool which uses as well python. In this case separate working environemnts are recommended.

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