X-HSPOT Frequently Asked Questions

NEWS: 2008-006-04: PACS1 is BACK

Question: I can't see the CUS scripts in the Observations menu

Answer: make sure that:

  1. the generic AOTs are downloaded from the MPE server
    • Calibrations -> manage generic AOTs -> download files from the server

    • check ou uncheck the ones you want/don't want from the list given by HSPOT
    • -> load generic AOTs

  2. Everytime you open HSPOT from start
    • Calibrations -> manage generic AOTs -> load generic AOTs

    • check that your .spotherschel/gen_aots/ directory is not empty (valid under both Mac OSX and Linux, C:\Documents and Settings\AccountName\Application Data\spotherschel under Windows XP)

Question: When I press the Load generic AOTs, nothing happens

Answer: it can be that you java version is not up-to-date. You need at least version You can check that on your system: java -version

Question: There is a discrepancy between the CUS Estimated Time and the XHSPOT Estimated Time.

Answer: 1 - This could be a issue with the pointing parameters. If you are running a PacsCal in XHSPOT where a RA and DEC are necessary, you need to make sure that the naifid is properly set in the CUS script (ra and dec may remain 0.0d 0.0d).

Example: For jupiter: it is a moving target: naifid > 0 (5 as reported by XHSPOT)

Question: There are some scripts I cannot load in XHSPOT

Answer: Some scripts used to have the same "names" with as only difference the capitalisation within the name: e.g. PacsEng_Spec_CRE_Setup and PacsEng_Spec_cre_setup. These scripts have been renamed to include a _u and _l for upper-case and lower-case. Please remove your gen_aots directory and download the scripts again.

Question: I reloaded some saved AORs froma previous XHSpot session and the durations appear in *red*.

Answer: By default because each AOR is linked to a specific HSpot session, properties may have changed between 2 instances of XHSpot session. Please rerun: time estimation from the menu: Tools: Recompute Estimates

*Remarque*: Beware that Time Estimates depends on the mission configuration: if changes have been made between the 2 sessions, then estimated times will change. By resubmitting the same program: the status will changed again and the OD created from these specific AORs will be affected and not be valid any more and will have to be re-scheduled.

Question: I cannot reload my AORs

Answer: It is possible that a given AOT has been modified between the mission configuration under which the AOR has been created and the current one. Please send me a Note with the name of the AOT.

See HSPOT bugs and features

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