Configuring RAID array during boot

Launching RAID BIOS controller 3BM

Boot the system, wait till list of installed SATA drives appears and then press simultaneously the keys "Alt" and "3".

Delivered/installed configuration

All six drives build a 1.45 TB RAID 5 array. No change is done.

INFO output

No Battery Backup Unit present!

BIOS Version: BE9X   Bus.Dev.Fun> 02.01.0  Slot# 4   BaseIO: AC00
FW Version: FE9X     Monitor Version: BL9X
Model: 9550SX-8LP                Serial Number: L20805B5500644
Onboard Memory size: 112 MB      PCB Assembly Version: Rev 032
A-Chip Version: 1.70             P-Chip Version: 1.60
PCI Bus Speed: 66 MHz

Installing 3ware RAID utilities

Insert 3ware CDROM and run autorun script. If it doesn't start automatically type


Select Install 3DM2.
Web port address is 888.

To install the command line tool type

cp /media/3wareCD/packages/cli/linux/x86_64/tw_cli /usr/sbin
cp /media/3wareCD/packages/cli/tw_sched /usr/sbin
mkdir /usr/local/doc/tw_cli
cp /media/3wareCD/packages/cli/tw_cli.8.html /usr/local/doc/tw_cli
cp /media/3wareCD/packages/cli/tw_cli.8.nroff /usr/local/doc/tw_cli
cp /media/3wareCD/packages/cli/tw_sched.8.html /usr/local/doc/tw_cli
cp /media/3wareCD/packages/cli/tw_sched.8.nroff /usr/local/doc/tw_cli

Using 3ware RAID utilities

To use the 3DM2 package web interface type

firefox http://localhost:888/

The current setup only allows local access so you must login at pacs5 first. The password for both the user and the administrator account are the same as for the pacsraid RAID array.

To use the 3ware RAID command line tool type

# or

To get help about the command line tool type

firefox /usr/local/doc/tw_cli/tw_cli.8.html


All info, warning and error messages are send as email to

The sender header line is set to pacs5-raid.

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