Listing properties which are read by an HCSS application

The Configuration class can issue log message to list properties read by the application. Those log messages must be enabled by adding the line


to the logging configuration file which default filename is ${HOME}/.hcss/

To filter the property access message a "grep" command can be used, for example

cus -listdefs | & grep "FINER: property"

MIB to PIB conversion

This example shows how I converted the EGSE MIB into a PIB :

mkdir /home/ewieprec/tmpmib

cp -r /home/ewieprec/tmp2/tmp/PACS-MIB/FM_0.1 /home/ewieprec/tmpmib

cp /home/ewieprec/cvs-pcss-src/pacs/mib/egse/*.dat  /home/ewieprec/tmpmib/FM_0.1/ascii-tables

// Due to a bug I needed to edit /home/ewieprec/cvs-hcss-src/develop/main/herschel/binstruct/
// and uncomment the first //_telemetryDefinitionsLoaded = true;  // FIXME: for generating PIBs from
// jake it
// Only for this conversion !!!!

mib2pib -sourcedir /home/ewieprec/tmpmib -outputdir /home/ewieprec/tmpmib -pibversion FM_0.1 -mibversion FM_0.1 -debug ascii

cp /home/ewieprec/tmpmib/FM_0.1/* /home/ewieprec/pcss/data/pib/FM_0.1  

// Remove the bug fix in

Now test in PCSS

IA>>from binstruct import *
Initializing jython toolbox binstruct
IA>>print seq
PacketSequence class version $Revision: 1.35 $
PacketSequence contains 623 packets.
The packet type contained is:
        PACS_ILT_EGSE_XY_HK (623 packets)

IA>>print seq[0].parametersContained
array([TE_ObservationID, TE_BuildBlockID, XY_Stage_LV_Sts, XY_Stage_Status, XY_Stage_EvType, XY_Stage_Mode, XY_Stage_X_Axis, XY_Stage_Y_Axis, XY_Stage_X_idx, XY_Stage_Y_idx, XY_Stage_Nod_cnt, XY_Stage_Nod_pos, XY_Stage_TimeSec, XY_Stage_TimemS], herschel.binstruct.ParameterDefinition)

Checking for jumps in the source sequence count of TM packets

Use the TmPacketDumper tool to get a dump of the header of the TM packets, retrieved either form the router or an packet file. The following "gawk" script checks for source sequence counter jumps and will dump the previous line of the TmPacketDumper output (for this APID!) and the current line.

TmPacketDumper -f | gawk '{if (c[$4] !=$6 && o[$4]!="") { print o[$4] "\n" $0 "\n" }; if ($6 != 16383) c[$4]=$6+1; else c[$4]=0; o[$4]=$0 }'

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