Generate a new Database

1. Goto hpacsegse

ssh -X dbsa@hpacsegse

2.Setup environment


3. Check environment

oscp -i

4. For the time being (under investigation why...)

setenv VERSANT_DBID_NODE hpacsegse

5. Generate Database

db_admin -i pacs_fm_ist_fn1@hpacsegse

5. Give a proper ID in the range 13400 - 13420

dbid -r  pacs_fm_ist_fn1       -> show DBID
dbid -d  pacs_fm_ist_fn1       -> delete DBID
setdbid 13400 pacs_fm_ist_fn1  -> set DBID
dbid -C 13400 pacs_fm_ist_fn1
dbid -r  pacs_fm_ist_fn1       -> show DBID

6. Update

db_admin -p pacs_fm_ist_fn1@hpacsegse

7.Make the database public available

dbuser -add -P pacs_fm_ist_fn1

8. Check volume and add Volume, if necessary

dbtool -space -volume -all pacs_fm_ist_fn1
addvol -i -n volume1 -p volume1 -s 2000M pacs_fm_ist_fn1
dbtool -space -volume -all pacs_fm_ist_fn1

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