PCSS Setup

1 Default Setup

When logging in into pacs@pacsqla the default setup is :


/home/pacs> printenv PCSS_ROOT
This version is with the old PlotHk and QLA and shall work.


                        !!! Attention !!!
The PIB (MIB conversion used in PCSS) is always located in the
most up to date pcss installation :
Currently this is : 20080725A
Here you also find the /home/pacs/pcss/data/pib/TmVersion.tbl

This way we may use any PCSS installation - but it refer always to the most up to date PIB.
Normally we shall survive the test with it.

=2 Switching between Nominal and Redundant =

We have a few convenience commands :

3 Switching the PCSS Version

!! The setup always apply to the window where you execute the commands !!

setPcssVersion  <directory>
e.g. setPcssVersion pcss-20060929A

Now you are using a new PCSS in this window 
But still your PIB (incl. TmVersions.tbl) is /home/pacs/pcss/data/pib !!

The listing of the setPCSSVersion tool (just as reference)

if ( $# == 0 ) then
    echo Give PCSS versions as argument
cp /home/pacs/.pcss/props-original /home/pacs/.pcss/props_$1
sed -i 's/var.pcss.dir=/#var.pcss.dir=/' /home/pacs/.pcss/props_$1
set date_fields=`date`
echo $date_fields
echo "#"   $date_fields >>   /home/pacs/.pcss/props_$1
echo var.pcss.dir=/home/pacs/$1 >>  /home/pacs/.pcss/props_$1
echo hcss.binstruct.pib=/home/pacs/pcss/data/pib >> /home/pacs/.pcss/props_$1
setenv PCSS_ROOT /home/pacs/$1
setenv CLASSPATH "."
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH "."
unsetenv HCSS_PROPS
source ${PCSS_ROOT}/config/pcss.csh
setenv HCSS_PROPS ${HCSS_PROPS}:/home/pacs/.pcss/props_${1}
echo " "
echo " "
echo "..... Setup : " $1 " finished ......"
echo " "

*4 For experts, you may do a few more additional checks*

printenv HCSS_PROPS
jide -settings | grep var.pcss
jide -settings | grep pib

5 For experts again, updating the ~/pcss/pib directory

set pibRoot=~/pcss-20080825A
rm -r ~/pcss/data/pib
cp -a ${pibRoot}/data/pib ~/pcss/data/pib
cd ~/pcss/data/pib
cp TmVersions.tbl TmVersions.tbl.dist
cp ../TmVersions-Nominal.tbl .
cp ../TmVersions-Redundant.tbl .

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