Decompression Problems and Tm Versions

Edit: The Problem is fixed in the nightly build from October 12/13. So best is to update the pcss.

In the older builds this happens:

If you encounter decompression problems with the WFT data from 12.10.2006, please edit your tm versions file. It can be found in <pcss dir>/data/pib/TmVersions.tbl

Mark the last line as a comment by adding a # at the beginning of the line

#TmVersion;FM_0.14;21-Aug-2006 11:01:00;;Generated from PACS_MIB_R_8_4 CDMSSIM_MIB_0_4 EGSE_MIB_0_18 TESTCLIENT_MIB_0_6 GS_1.4 DPU_1.0 CSS_CRYO_1.0

Save and use this file for decompression.

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