PACS spectrometer operation from the commanding point of view

T. Mueller, D. Cesarsky; 10-Nov-2006


1. Short Functional Tests (Ge:Ga-detector related)

1.1. SFT Warm: Heater, flasher and Ge:Ga detector chain

1.2. SFT at HeI: Heater, flasher and Ge:Ga detector chain

1.3. SFT at HeII: Heater, flasher and Ge:Ga detector chain

2. Nominal Operations

2.1. Instrument switch-on and connection of the warm electronic boxes

2.2. General Setup for Spectrometer Operation

2.3. Operation of the spectrometers (starting out of '''Spectroscopy mode''')

2.3.1. start/stop of bolometer data flow

2.3.2. Take data with manual chopper, grating & filter movements

Note: PACS_fltw_move_OBS can be called via a specific tcl-script where the filter has to be specified.

2.3.3. Take data with pre-defined OBCPs

Note: all these modes can be started with default parameters via the generic tcl-script; the key-OBCPs can also be started with freely selectable parameters via specific tcl-scripts

2.3.4. Execute AOT observations

2.4. Reset after spectrometer operation

2.5. Instrument switch-off

3. Specific Spectrometer Tests

3.1. Thermal Behaviour Test

3.2. SPU Modes & Detector Selection Tests

3.3. Other Tests


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