Generate PACS DetectorSelection Table

Loading Detector Selection Tables via CUS

There is a local CUS procedure to generate TCs to upload a detector selection table into PACS (either SPECTRO or PHOTO). Detector selection tables are stored in the CUS database as U-CAL files. When creating a new selection table, the first step then is to copy it into the CUS registry as a calibration file.

U-CAL files representing detector selection tables are called PACSDetSel_xxx, where xxx represents the detector selection number.

The current CUS directory for U-CAL files is:


Existing DetSel tables are

CALU/PACSDetSel_100   CALU/PACSDetSel_4002  CALU/PACSDetSel_4006
CALU/PACSDetSel_2001  CALU/PACSDetSel_4003  CALU/PACSDetSel_4007
CALU/PACSDetSel_2300  CALU/PACSDetSel_4004  CALU/PACSDetSel_4008
CALU/PACSDetSel_4001  CALU/PACSDetSel_4005  CALU/PACSDetSel_4009

To import the U-CAL table PacsDetSel_4002, say, into the CUS registry, use the following CUS command line directive (we assume that you have already copied PACSDetSel_4002 to the U-CAL directory as shown here):

pacs/cus> cus -f -uploadcal CALU/PACSDetSel_4002

Once the file has been succesfuly copied to the CUS registry, you may use the CUS GUI to verify its contents. Click on the "Calibration Tables" menu, choose "View a Table" from the drop sub-menu and further choose the Table name.

Now that the selection table is part of the CUS registry, you can telecommand the loading of that selection table. The script to read these U-CAL files is called PACS_Det_sel; its CUS usage is simply


This will send a series of TCs to upload into PACS the table 4002 for instance.

Note that the CUS line command :

cus -cmds PACS_Det_Sel PACSDetSel_4002

can be used to list on your terminal window the TCs that will be uplinked to PACS.

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