Naming Conventions and Logic of PV/commissioning phase CUS scripts

This page will describe the new Naming Conventions and the Logic used for writing PV/Commissioning phase scripts

Naming Conventions

1- observations should be called either:

* PacsEng_Name : observations with no_pointing requests

* PacsCal_Name : observations on sky (with a real pointing request)

Rem: "underscore" can be used as well within the name.

No "_OBS" is required because by definition a PacsEng or a PacsCal scrpt is an observations

2- there is no recommandation for naming procedures and bluiding blocks. BUT for consistency, and for identification in the database (both for us and the HSC): PACS_Name or Pacs_Name

3- By defaults, exporting scripts form CUS creates a .txt ascii file, please keep this extension.

Logic for CUS scripts defined for the PV/Commissioning phase

The CUS top level scrips: PacsEng and PacsCal should be kept as ascetic as possible: i.e. they should contains as little as possible. All computations, logic and checks should be self contained in procedures and building blocks. The idea is to keep a modular structure of the scripts. This is a bad naming example for the procedures though





IST/SFT translation

The IST/SFT scripts have been thus translated as follow:

* scripts including only a simple proc/block call: e.g.

CONF_phot_fltw_OBS has been translated into PacsEng_CONF_fltw calling simply CONF_phot_fltw


PACS_Spec_Gra_Diaghk_Setup_OBS has been translated into PacsEng_Spec_Gra_Diaghk_Setup calling PACS_Spec_Gra_Diaghk_Setup(diag_hk_period)

* scripts which had a more complex structure, e.g.

PACS_Chopper_SFT_Warm_OpenLoop_OBS was too complex to be translated directly into a PV phase script. So it was modified to become a procedure and the be called as such by PacsEng_Chopper_SFT_Warm_OpenLoop

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