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||01-Apr-2013 00h to 08-Apr-2013 00h (UT) || 14941 || Sgr A* || 20.0ks ||  Baganoff ||; ||01-Apr-2013 00h to 08-Apr-2013 00h (UT)||14941||Sgr A*||20.0ks||Baganoff||;

Chandra Schedule

||Assigned to Week||ObsID||Target||Exposure||PI||; ||01-Apr-2013 00h to 08-Apr-2013 00h (UT)||14941||Sgr A*||20.0ks||Baganoff||;

08-Apr-2013 00h to 15-Apr-2013 00h (UT) 14942 Sgr A* 20.0ks Baganoff

22-Apr-2013 00h to 29-Apr-2013 00h (UT) 14943 Sgr A* 20.0ks Baganoff

06-May-2013 00h to 13-May-2013 00h (UT) 14944 Sgr A* 20.0ks Baganoff

20-May-2013 00h to 27-May-2013 00h (UT) 15040 Sgr A 50.0ks Haggard

03-Jun-2013 00h to 10-Jun-2013 00h (UT) 14945 Sgr A* 20.0ks Baganoff

24-Jun-2013 00h to 01-Jul-2013 00h (UT) 14946 Sgr A* 20.0ks Baganoff

22-Jul-2013 00h to 29-Jul-2013 00h (UT) 15041 Sgr A 50.0ks Haggard

12-Aug-2013 00h to 19-Aug-2013 00h (UT) 15042 Sgr A 50.0ks Haggard

09-Sep-2013 00h to 16-Sep-2013 00h (UT) 15043 Sgr A 50.0ks Haggard

30-Sep-2013 00h to 07-Oct-2013 00h (UT) 15044 Sgr A 50.0ks Haggard

28-Oct-2013 00h to 04-Nov-2013 00h (UT) 15045 Sgr A 50.0ks Haggard

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