How to invite new members to this Wiki

When a new member joins the eROSITA_DE consortium, please inform the Project Scientist and the Institute PI and provide them with the newcomer email address. Every new member should be asked to read the Consortium Policy, that can be found in CollaborationPolicy.

To explain how to access the Wiki, you can use the following instructions:

Access to the eROSITA_DE Wiki:

The Wiki is at:

Please go to that page and click on Login in the upper left corner, you will be redirected to the login page. There click on "you can create your own now" [account] to get to the "newaccount" function. You need to do a little trick, however: as we had massive problems with robots generating thousands of wiki accounts automatically, this function was renamed to newaccount4mpewiki (simply append "4mpewiki" at the end of the URL and proceed).

Then you can create your own account with password. Your username shall be NameSurname (UpperCase mandatory!). To have the right permissions to access the pages of interest, please contact the Project Scientist and the relevant chair of the Working Group(s).