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=== On the KMOS pipeline === ==== On the KMOS pipeline ====
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=== Ancillary to the KMOS pipeline === ==== Ancillary to the KMOS pipeline ====

SPARK Resources & Downloads


  • Get here the newest version of SPARK-kmos-kit or directly at the corresponding ftp-site.
    Old versions released by MPE can still be downloaded here.

    only from within MPE: At /afs/mpe/astrosoft/spark a working installation of SPARK can be found ready to use.



  • QFitsView

    • Get the latest version of QFitsView from MPE, the recommended viewer for KMOS data.
  • Detector readout channel correction

    • IDL-toolchain to remove detector readout channel effects (see SPARK guide section 7.1)
  • L.A. cosmic

    • IDL script to remove cosmics (see SPARK guide section 5.1.3)
  • qfits-6.2.0.tar.gz

    • ESO package containing tools like dfits, dtfits etc. These are very useful to navigate through the exposures beforehand reducing data.
    • This needn't to be installed if you already have ESO's Scisoft installed.
    • An install script has been added to the tar-file to ensure compilation on 64bit Linux systems.
    • Known issue for MacOSX 10.7 and up:

      • qfits-6.2.0 can't be compiled, no fix found so far
  • Karma
    • Get the latest version of the OB preparation tool from USM or ESO

  • For the ones who need a GUI to prepare the runs with the pipeline and not being happy with the command line tool Esorex


On the KMOS pipeline

Ancillary to the KMOS pipeline


  • only from within MPE: /afs/mpe/data/kmos-3d

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