Mail Services at MPE

Mail Setup, Common Information, Phonebook

The Web interface at allows you to:


Email Clients

Sending mail:

Receiving mail:

Configuring E-Mail Clients

Configuring Users Data

UsersConfig (vacation, spam filter ...)

Configuring Email Filters

Locating and cleaning up Spam folders

If you get any message containing 'xxx mails found in Spam-/Trash-folders for yyy - please clean up' in the subject then proceed as follows:

Mailing Lists

MPE Mailer supports 2 different mailing list facilities:

  1. MailMan:

  2. a facility based on database queries which is able to combine all possible attributes of the users database. A listing of these mailing lists including the included members is available with Generating and maintaining of these mailing lists can only be done by MPE mailing admins.


Rainer Sigl <>