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= ESO: Instructions for Visiting ESO sites in Chile =

 * Any trip is organized by vatravel@ESO (visiting astronomers as well as engineers, technical time etc). So it has to be announced on their website
  * Visiting astronomers: normally the whole trip is organized (incl. flight Europe-Chile)
  * other visits: normally the trip _IN CHILE_ organized (excl. flight Europe-Chile)

 * First have a look at http://www2011.mpe.mpg.de/interna/VW/reisekosten.html

 * You need an account at the ESO User Portal: http://www.eso.org/UserPortal

 * Then go to http://www.eso.org/sci/php/travelform/index.html
 * '''Step 1'''
  * Fill in personal information
 * '''Step 2'''
  * In the field "Search the Schedule" type as keyword the PI's name and choose the observing run
 * '''Step 3'''
  * Fill in travel dates
 * '''Step 4'''
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Please add following information in order to prevent future hassle:<<BR>>
'''Additional Information:'''<<BR>>
Please send any invoices directly to: rechnung-reisekosten@mpe.mpg.de