PACS Databases

a. Databases @ MPE 12000 - 12699

b. Databases @KUL 12700 - 13399

c. Other databases 13400 - 13500

d. Spare 13500 - 13999

Seting the Database IDs

I have the feeling that a given DB ID cannot be re-used also if the database has been removed. Need clarification...

dbid -r cusdefinitions -> show DBID
dbid -d cusdefinitions -> delete DBID
setdbid 12002 cusdefinitions -> set DBID
dbid -C 12002 cusdefinitions 

Updating Database Engine

Schema evolution

Traps and Tricks

Replication aware Datbase or not

Sometimes you get an error that the Database is Replication aware or not and does not match to your access

You have two options :

Hot Spot error for remote access

When a remote user (like Diego) start cusgui and he/she gets a java hotspot whaever error it might be caused by the user access rights !

A strange error for such a problem. Locally access you get a proper error message.

Do :

  dbuser -add -P <DBName>

Check whether there are open transactions

   dbtool -trans -info <DBName>

Delivery of Databases to ESAC

Make a backup of the Database :

   vbackup -dev <name>_<version>.vbck -backup <name>

and put the backup on PACS1 /home/esac/databases

send an email to John Dowson <> Larry O'Rourke <Laurence.O'>

Offline DataFrame Generation into Database

Assumption: Database is backed up in case something goes wrong!!!!!!

* Log into PACS1 account oper

* type psetup

* Edit .pcss/props : Configure the TM ngestion process (see HCSS TM Ingestion User Manual - HERSCHEL-HCS-DOC-0231

* Start the EGSE router.

startRouter 9875

* Start dfgen This has the same properties as tmingest.

* Use rtaplay to retrieve telemetry packets from the database and pass them to the router


* Check progress

db2tty -d <database> | grep PacsDataFr

* In case of problems you may connect the TmPacketDumper to the Router and check :

TmPacketDumper -port 9875 -a 1154